KA offers services for two types of recipients:


For cultural institutions, music clubs, cultural Non-government organisations, concert producers as well as public administration we offer:

performances by the artists from our portfolio
booking other artists (our own and the Client’s suggestions)
organising concerts, festivals and concert tours
assistance in the support and promotion of concerts


For companies we offer organising invitation only concerts by the artists from KA’s portfolio, as well as by other musicians, depending on the expectations of the Client and the budget. We are open to various suggestions and ideas concerning the collaboration in the scope of organising events.
Depending on the needs, KA, apart from artists’ performances, can also provide:

arranging the logistics
preparing the concept and programme for events
choice of location
promotion (media, outdoor advertising, advertising print-outs, etc.)
additional artistic attractions
design and execution of stage scenery and props
supervision over the execution
distribution of invitations or sales of tickets online and before the concert
technical production of the event: providing lighting, sound systems, backline, catering, transport, security, medical assistance